The Parish of Oldcastle & Moylagh would like to thank all of our volunteers who work tirelessly in all of our Parish Groups. If you would like to get involved in the Parish please contact our Parish Office.

Oldcastle Apostolic Work Society

The Apostolic Work Socirty has been in existence for over sixty years. It continues to support the Church Community in a number of ways:

  1. It makes altar vestments, albs, altar cloths and small linens for church services.
  2. It raises funds for the Foreign Missions.
  3. Organises fund raising activities such as the Sale of Work and Cake Sale.
  4. It assists the Foreign Missions by purchasing Mass kits and church reliquaries used during worship.
  5. Funds raised by the Society have been used to support community housing schemes, on the Missions.
  6. The Society collected money to pay for a roof for a church (in the Philippines).
  7. It collected money to pay for catechists and purchased supplies for schools such as computers, tape recorders etc.
  8. The Society cooperates with and supports the work of Father Sean Connaughton, a native of Ballinacree. He works in the Philippines. Part of his minsitry is to show families how to grow seeds and vegetables, to enable them to feed their families. The Apostolic Society gives money for seeds and garden equipment and sends this on to Father Sean and his Community.
  9. The society displays ots work at the ‘Annual Diocesan Display’ in Mulligar, along side the work of other societies in the diocese.


Pioneer Total Abstinence Association

Father James Cullen, along with a number f lady supporters, from Gardiner Street Dublin, formed the Pioneer Association in 1898. They embarked on a personal crusade to stamp out the abuse of alcohol in Irish society: the cause of so much social malady and a curse on family relationships. Following Father Cullen’s call, to tackle the evil of alcoholism, virtually every parish in the country established a branch, committed to the ideals and values set down by him and the association. Members who joined the association, vowed to abstain, lifelong, from alcohol and foster a sensible approach to the substance in their community through educational and information programs. On December 30th 1920 a branch of the association was affiliated to St. Brigid’s Church, Oldcastle.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Fredric Ozanam, a young student of the Sorbonne University Paris, founded the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, in 1833. Fredric was concerned about the needs of the poor in Paris. He wondered what the church could do to alleviate the sufferings of the poor and better the quality of their lives. In this year he and a number of his companions, formed a conference. The society expanded in France and throughout Europe. thousands of branches were established in Ireland, especially in large towns and cities. The branch in Oldcastle was established in 1930.

If you would like more information about any of our Parish Groups please contact the Parish Office.