Gilson National School

Gilson National School derives its name from Laurence Gilson, a native of the parish, who having amassed a fortune in England in the late 19th century, bequeathed his money for the education of the children of the parish of Oldcastle. He died on Valentine’s Day in 1810, leaving £25,400 for the erection of a school, which was completed in 1832. The Gilson Secondary School was amalgamated with the local VEC School in 1969 and the present National School, built in 1977, replaced the old Gilson boys’, girls’ and infant schools.

Gilson NS today has 11 classrooms,a computer room, new learning support rooms and a large assembly hall. Our recent extension included the building of a new classroom, learning support rooms and much enlarged staffrom. The work was completed in 2011 and officially opened and blesed by Bishop Michael Smith in June 2012.A fine bronze statue cast by Ann Meldon Hugh depicting what Laurence Gilson may have looked like back in the 1800s was erected outside the   old Gilson Schools in May 2011. Laurence is presenting the key of   education to a young boy and girl in Oldcastle. His generous gift plays an important role in education in Oldcastle to this day.

For more information please contact Gilson National School on +353 49 85 41 327